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Webspace for WebsitesHost your sites on low loaded webspace
Avoid performance drops during peak hours which can damage your site. Escape the cheap deals that place 500+ websites on one server.

"Unlimited traffic" does not mean the same thing as "unlimited speed" and your website really needs the speed. The first picture below shows a website enjoying unlimited speed while the second demonstrates how overloaded unlimited traffic servers slow everyone down.

website traffic required

website traffic limited
Virtual StoreSell goods and products on your site
There was a time when making your website or blog profitable with an online store was as expensive to implement as it was painful to maintain.

The SnapHost Virtual Store service means you can now achieve this easily, for free and in under 10 minutes.

Virtual Store easily transforms your website or blog into a flexible eCommerce space because all that's needed is pasting four lines of code in the right place.

It's the quickest, most cost effective method of selling products and services online.

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Captcha Web FormsProtect your forms from spam
When you start receiving spam from your web forms, it's time to add Captcha protection. Your problem will be quickly solved with our BasicCaptcha™ and ProCaptcha™ scripts.

BasicCaptcha is free and works well as a basic protection from spam. BasicCaptcha sends emails to one email address only and has no data encryption.

ProCaptcha is for you if it's critical your business reliably receives messages and/or orders from website forms. This includes order forms, estimation forms, contact forms, payment forms, etc. When using ProCaptcha you NEVER lose your orders even when your email is not working. ProCaptcha is totally secure and your orders and information will never be intercepted or stolen.
SnapSnips™ SnippetsRegister and manage clients on your website
Collect and manage members for your website with SnapSnips™
  • Register site visitors as new members.
  • Let your members log in and view exclusive or private content on your website.
  • Provide your registered members with a tool to manage their profile.
  • Manage your registered users.
  • Send mass e-mails to your registered users.

Using SnapSnips, you can easily add a registration or signup form that allows visitors to register as new members of your website by providing their name and email address.

After registering, your new members can log in to view private members-only sections of your site. In addition, the members can access the private member profile page to add and edit information about themselves.
Human Edited Web DirectoryGet extra exposure for your website
The goal of this online directory is to include only quality websites with highly relevant content. This is possible because our moderators carefully review websites before inclusion into the directory.

Unlike other directories where sites are sorted alphabetically, our sites are re-sorted randomly every day. Because of this, each site has a chance to be at the top - on the first page of the corresponding category.

We also provide website ratings. All registered users can rate websites in this directory, allowing websites to be sorted by their rating.
File Upload Web FormReceive your clients files on your website
When you need to receive large files such as documents or photos via your website, our file upload form solve your problem.

When you register, a new space on our server is reserved for your incoming files. All you need to do is to place our code snippet on your page. It will expand into a file upload form where your visitors will be able to upload their large files.

As soon as you get a new file, a notification email will be sent to your email address. You can then log in to your space on our server and download the file.


SnapHost™ provides a wide range of free and paid services for website owners because we want to make improving your site's performance and profitability easy. You'll find simple ways to:
  • Block content spammers
  • Protect online forms
  • Sell products and services
  • Register and manage members
  • And more

We provide user-friendly HTML snippets for many services. All code snippets are a quick copy-paste and don't require any programming knowledge.

Services are listed on the left. Mouse-over the service to see the description or click on it to jump right into the service area.

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